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Welcome to LOGALKOR Solutions - Logalkor Solutions

LOGALKOR Solutions offers advanced tailored solutions in mechanical and material testing applications:

- MICROTEST Complete Testing Systems and accessories

- Sensors and instrumentation for mechanical quantities

- Calibration services

 Offering a large range of high quality materials testing systems and solutions, LOGALKOR / MICROTEST, is now among the leading European companies in the materials testing industry. Microtest is best-known for its scientific and technical expertise, superior product and service quality, and reliability in materials testing.

Our group has great ability to engineer equipment as per individual requirements and intended applications so that our customers do not have to compromise with their testing objectives. With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, the testing systems provided by us are carefully designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of all common materials testing standards, including ISO, ASTM, EN, DIN, UNE, BS, TAPPI, JIS, ANSI, NAS.

Electromechanical Universal Testing Machines

Electromechanical Universal Testing Machines - Logalkor Solutions

LOGALKOR/MICROTEST electromechanical universal testing systems are extensively used to perform tensile, compression, flexure, bend, shear, tear, peel, friction tests on metals and alloys, rigid and reinforced plastics, composites, ceramics, geotextiles, fabrics, ropes, cables, mortars, construction materials, wood, sheet metal, welded specimens, rubber, adhesives and medical products among many more.

Servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machines

Servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machines - Logalkor Solutions

Universal servo hydraulic testing machines with a capacity from 10 kN up to 5000 kN, fully computer controlled, to perform static tensile tests on metallic materials.

It is possible to carry out flexion, compression, bending, hardness, dishing tests, according to the International Standards by using the suitable devices. The machine is supplied complete with loading frame, control system SCM3000 and hydraulic power unit.

High Temperature Creep Testing Machines

High Temperature Creep Testing Machines - Logalkor Solutions

The EM1/10…50E/H-HTBP is a modified version of our EM1/50E/H-HTRP stand-alone floor machine, designed for high temperature creep testing applications, that includes a single lever for applying and maintaining the load.

This lever arm machine is designed specifically for long-term stress-rupture test applications that involve maintaining constant loads for extended periods of time. Through the mechanical advantage of the lever arm loading system, constant loads may be maintained with a high degree of accuracy using dead weights for long durations, without the continuous operation and dependency of a mechanically powered drive and can be configured for either room or elevated temperature operation.


Tribometers - Logalkor Solutions

LOGALKOR Solutions offers you a wide range of tribology and mechanical testers, including pin-on-disk tribometers, linear reciprocating and fretting tribometers, indentation and scratch testers, air jet erosion tester, high temerature tribometers, etc.

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