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Custom Testing Systems

Custom Testing Systems - Logalkor Solutions

LOGALKOR SOLUTIONS / MICROTEST provides custom design and build services for any custom test system of mechanical and material testing application: material testing machines, sensors, instrumentation, structural testing, measurement of mechanical quantities (force, torque, pressure, stress, strain, deflection, etc), thermal-mechanical testing, data acquisition, software, fatigue tests,  tribology, high temperature creep testing, impact tests, etc.

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Tribometers - Logalkor Solutions

LOGALKOR Solutions offers you a wide range of tribology and mechanical testers, including pin-on-disk tribometers, linear reciprocating and fretting tribometers, indentation and scratch testers, air jet erosion tester, high temerature tribometers, etc.

Testing Accessories

Testing Accessories - Logalkor Solutions

LOGALKOR / MICROTEST offers a wide variety of testing accessories and transducers for different types of mechanical tests in accordance with national and international materials testing standards. Made up of hundreds of grips, fixtures, load cells, extensometers and other accessories, our versatile and easy-changeable accessories are carefully designed to help you get the most from your materials testing system. If required, all of the mentioned accessories and equipment can be customized to suit the individual testing requirements. Furthermore, custom testing accessories can be designed and manufactured upon request.

The utility of our testing systems is further extended by a broad choice of system options, grips, fixtures and other testing accessories, including:

  • A wide variety of grips, fixtures, specimen holders, adapters, compression platens, jigs, specimen preparation tools, etc.
  • Various types of load cells, extensometers, LVDTs as well as other sensors and transducers for displacement measurement, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, etc.


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