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Electromechanical Universal Testing Machines

Electromechanical Universal Testing Machines - Logalkor Solutions

LOGALKOR/MICROTEST electromechanical universal testing systems are extensively used to perform tensile, compression, flexure, bend, shear, tear, peel, friction tests on metals and alloys, rigid and reinforced plastics, composites, ceramics, geotextiles, fabrics, ropes, cables, mortars, construction materials, wood, sheet metal, welded specimens, rubber, adhesives and medical products among many more.

EM2 Series EM2 Series [524 Kb]

Servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machines

Servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machines - Logalkor Solutions

Universal servo hydraulic testing machines EFH series with a capacity from 10 kN up to 5000 kN, fully computer controlled, to perform static tensile tests on metallic materials. These testing machines are basically consisted of:

  • Strong loading frame with a reading strain gage load cell built into the piston.
  • Computer Controlled System SCM3000 and software, for the data acquisition, control and processing.
  • Hydraulic Power Pack, adapted to the users specific needs (built in a console.): range of force, speed, stroke, type of control, etc.

It is possible to carry out flexion, compression, bending, hardness, dishing tests, according to the International Standards by using the suitable devices. The machine is supplied complete with loading frame, control system SCM3000 and hydraulic power unit.

Low Capacity Electromechanical Testing Machines LGZ Series

Low Capacity Electromechanical Testing Machines LGZ Series - Logalkor Solutions

Low Capacity Universal Testing Machine LGZ Series
Capacities from 1kN to 20kN or more.
Table top type single-column or double column electromechanical testing systems.
Easy to use. Manual or automatic test mode. USB connection to PC. Including simple testing software.

LGZ Series LGZ Series [948 Kb]

MICROTEST Testing Software

MICROTEST Testing Software - Logalkor Solutions

MICROTEST constantly develops testing software packages and updates them for a wide range of materials testing applications. These software packages are used for different operations, such as configuration of the testing machine & measurement devices, test control and data acquisition. Moreover, we can customize our software packages or develop new ones to address specific testing requirements of our valued customers.

Our testing software packages offer the optimum solution for any testing requirement. Using these software packages, the operator can control all of the functions of a testing system with ultimate convenience of operation.

  • SCM3000 Software for Static Materials Testing
  • SCM4000 Software for Dynamic & Fatigue Materials Testing
  • TriboTester Software for Tribological, Scratch & Indentation Testing
  • SEF3000 Software for Impact Testing 
  • Multitest Software for Multiaxial Materials Testing
  • Customized Software Packages for Materials Testing

High Temperature Creep Testing Machines

High Temperature Creep Testing Machines - Logalkor Solutions

The EM1/10…100E/H-HTBP is a modified version of our EM1/50E/H-HTRP stand-alone floor machine, designed for high temperature creep testing applications, that includes a single lever for applying and maintaining the load.

This lever arm machine is designed specifically for long-term stress-rupture test applications that involve maintaining constant loads for extended periods of time. Through the mechanical advantage of the lever arm loading system, constant loads may be maintained with a high degree of accuracy using dead weights for long durations, without the continuous operation and dependency of a mechanically powered drive and can be configured for either room or elevated temperature operation.

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